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Jack/Periwinkle - Open Up Your Eyes (by )

“The winter and cold are together like you and me.”

Jack Frost to Periwinkle (via periwinkle-and-jack-frost)


RP Meme; 3/10 OTPs Periwinkle & Jack Frost

You promised me to only call me Jackson when I’m being smug and I’m not

I don’t recall ever promising. Besides, I like your full name and I feel like I’m the only person that can call you that without getting strangled

Jack/Periwinkle - I Tried To Bury The Pain (by )

I do believe in Fairies, I do, I do


Jack was confused.

He’d landed in London hoping to bring the nipping chill that came with Autumn. But as he’d walked the streets and passed the shops, a glimmering frost that was not his own covered his path. He’d just brushed it off as mother nature’s doing at first, but after seeing only certain streets graced with the beauty, it’d become obvious this was someone else’s work.

He followed it, his curiosity peaked, and soon city gave way to park. Jack admired the beauty of it; the way it swirled and whitened and although it wasn’t snow, Jack loved the way it made the fierce reds and yellow of Autumn look like frozen fire. Soon the trees widened out into a fairy circle clearing. Jack looked up from admiring the art to find the artist, and his breath caught in his throat; a fairy.

Like a picture book fairy, not the Faye that had tried to kill him on several occasions. A tiny little person with intricate wings on her back. Jack had run into a few fairies before, but they looked more like humming birds than people. And this little one she…she was beautiful.

Jack watched, hardly daring to breathe least he disrupt her, as she glided from branch to branch of the trees, a single touch from her sending tendrils of frost enveloping the limbs. But she didn’t just dip and tap, she danced and laughed, a sound like jingle bells, and wove through the leafs, in and out of the branches, running her hands along them. She’d pause only to run a finger along a stubborn leaf, and soon the entire trees was a-glisten with winter frost. Then she’d move to another, and another, until soon the whole clearing was a frosted furnace.

Jack allowed himself to stare in awe (not being seen made it easy to forget manners) as the fairy fluttered in the middle of the clearing, admiring her own work in the same way. Jack stepped forward, smiling broad, “Not bad, not bad at all.”

He heard a tiny gasp and the little fairy whirled on him. He looked in her face; sparkling blue eyes, white, though tinted a periwinkle colour, hair, child-like features. Her clothes where like frosted leaves too, white and blue and slight purples, encompassing her tiny, petite frame. She looked surprised and a bit embarrassed  Jack only smiled bigger to show he meant what he’d said.

And then that smile melted to confusion.

Jack watched as the little fairy slowly began to descend to the ground. Jack reached out, and she fell a few feet before she caught herself again, “Hey, you oka-Whoa!” Jack practically leapt forward when her wings finally did give out, dropping his staff to free both his hands to catch her. 

He cupped her in his palms, and she knelt there for a moment, obviously winded by her sudden fall. She looked up at Jack, confused and clearly hurt. Jack tried again, “Are you alright?” She shook her head and tried to stand in his hands, but couldn’t. In fact, she fell to her side instead, clearly pained.

Jack’s eyes widened in horror as the slight glow she’d had began to dim and flicker. Jack was going to watch her die in his hands, and there was nothing he could do to save her-!


Yes there was! He remembered listening to a girl read it in a book once.

Jack summoned a little magic to create a small bed of snow around them. He gently lowered her into the white pillow. She curled up, clearly comforted by the cold. As soon as his hands were freed, Jack slapped them together. Then again, and again, until he was clapping as fast and loud as he could manage.

He didn’t dare slow and he watched in dying hope as the fairy lay in the snow. But it was no use. He watched her light flicker, and then die altogether. 

"No…." His clapping faltered, and then began again with a vengeance.  He clapped until his hands hurt and were red. But that didn’t change anything. His hands finally seemed to stop of their own accord, and they lowered to cradle the little fairy in their embrace again.

Jack felt tears, unfamiliar and warm before they froze on his cheeks in streaks. He brought her close to his face. Jack felt like he’d lost some one close. Her power over winter made them connected and Jack felt loss for her being gone.

Jack tried to keep his breath even as he said his farewell"I believe in you. I do I do."

Jack closed his eyes to her still form.

┊  ┊  ┊  ┊

┊  ┊  ┊  

┊  ┊  


She was lost in the dark, surrounded by the echoing of laughter. She wasn’t frightened, though she knew she should’ve been. Instead she followed the sound of clapping back to a light. She stood on the thresh-hold of herself. But she couldn’t bring herself to go one way or the other.

And then something pulled her back; a belief. A belief in her.

She opened her eyes to see a boy. The same boy she’d seen before; she’d been surrounded by the words “I don’t believe in fairies” The boy had tears flowing down his cheeks his eyes closed and his white bangs brushing against her. White?

She tentatively stood in his hands, but he didn’t seem to notice. She placed her hand on his nose and said as gently as she could,

"Boy? Why are you crying?"

His head snapped up to look at her, and she was so surprised she let go of his face and stepped back in his hands. At first, he looked too stunned to speak, but then he looked to jubilant too to speak. He half laughed, half cried at the sight of her, and she returned his obvious relief with a smile. She fluttered her wings and rose off his hands, and they beamed at each other.

He actually back flipped with joy, surprising the fairy, but she laughed at his happiness.

"Thank the Moon you’re okay!" He came close to her again, as if afraid she’d fall again. She only rubbed her arm awkwardly, not use to attention, but she smiled gratefully at him. 

"You saved me, thank you!" She wondered how she would tell him this when he couldn’t understand her.

"Maybe, but you still had me worried there for a minute." She did a double take at his response.

"You-You understood me?"

"Should I not have?" The boy looked worried, like maybe he’d done something wrong, but she was dumb-founded. No one…no one had ever understood her, and any human she’d met had only tried to harm her (other than children, but they rarely saw her).

And yet here was a boy, as happy to be seen and heard as she was. But he looked a little wary, like he wasn’t use to conversing or saving, and was uncertain how to do so properly. Maybe he was. But she didn’t care, he could see her and hear her. Now it was her turn to loopty-loop in joy!

He laughed and so did she; he looked into her eyes and asked, “What’s your name?”

She put her hands to her heart, “I’m Periwinkle. I’m a frost fairy. I frost things.” She gestured to her work around them. Then she looked back into crystal blue eyes and asked, “What’s yours?”

He took up a shepherd’s staff and leaned on it. A layer of frost coated the wood at his touch, and he smiled gently,

"My name, is Jack Frost."

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And she's singing, she's swinging her hips
He keeps saying and praying
That one day he will know her lips

-- To Die For; Tonight Alive

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